Not so wiseman…

I’m now in transit in Singapore Airport taking advantage of the free internet. The flight was fine although the interactive video system (wiseman) was having issues, so no on demand movies 🙁 At least I got a pen as compensation. I did watch MI:3 though which was entertaining. I was disappointed though as there were a few movies I would have watched. Hopefully on the next leg. I assume the movie choice is the same on all flights so I suppose it’s good to pace myself since I’ll need some to watch on the way back too 🙂 I got a few hours sleep when I first got on the plane which was good since I could barely keep my eyes open after my hectic week. Finally some time to relax (albeit in an economy class seat) and get much needed shut eye. Luckily, thanks to Tom AJ, I am in an exit row for both flights today despite the flight being full. I also got to skip the rather long queue at check in. Don’t worry, Tom, I won’t forget to bring back a carton of cigarettes for you.
Not long until I have to go and board. I’m really excited. I have a busy first day planned. I’m getting a car at the airport, and picking Jackie up in Brighton. I land at 6am so am not really in a rush. I am staying with Tom P in London, and having a night out to catch up with people although I don’t know my exact plans yet, or even where Tom is staying. I’m also having lunch with Deirdre and hopefully some of the Ball girls at Canary Wharf.

Anyway, I will write more soon when I get a chance.


ps. I’m sure the Rubix Cube party is well underway. I hope you’re all having a great time and having a few drinks for me. Wish I could have been there.

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