On the move…

I’ve had a nice couple of nights staying with the Spaldings in Tewkesbury, and have now just arrived in Milwich to stay with the Hocknells. I’ve already racked up 550 miles on the car which I think is pretty impressive. Yesterday, me and James went down to Bath for the afternoon. It really is a very nice city (or town in my opinion, but since it has a cathedral…) We met up with Makiko for a pub lunch. She is a girl I met in Sydney who was on exchange at UNSW last semester. It was great to see her, and she gave us a tour of Bath – James really didn’t know his way around despite going to Bath Spa University, but that’s James 😉
Linda took us out for a Thai dinner in Cheltenham, and I then had an early night. I’m still only just getting over the jet lag – I wake up a little early and struggle at about 10! It’s passing though.

Today I went to Worcester for lunch with David Hallmark. We had a good catch up over lunch at the Guild Hall, and a coffee at the Cathedral. It’s fun walking around all these English towns with lots of history, even if the weather is a little gray!

After lunch I was on the road again for the drive up to Milwich. I’ve just arrived and will be here for the next couple of days. I’ve put up some photos in the gallery, so have a look through them.

I’ll write again soon


4 thoughts on “On the move…

  1. Bath sounds awesome..perhaps another quick stop on the way to Kate’s?? Those photos by the way are hysterical – apparently we really liked taking pictures on the tube! See you soon 🙂

  2. Hey a bro, I’m in London now too!! Well I’m in Peterborough and tomorrow I’m making my way to London. Wish I knew that you were here could have gone out and got pissed. Great photos too dude. I’m off to Toronto on Saturday so I take it I won’t be seeing ya in London. Hope you are having as much fun as I am. Later Naeill

  3. Ben,
    I love checking out your blog. It rallly looks as though you\’ve been having fun, all your photos look great. I wish i was with you guys. It would be lots of fun. I\’ll keep checking your blog and have a wonderful time and once again Thanks for all you\’ve done. YOU ARE AWESOME! Wishing you the best.

  4. you best be taking care of my sista or else i’m going to have to come KICK YO’ ASS SUCKKKAAA!!! hahah…enjoy yourselves guys!

    (get jackie schwasted)

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