A Busy Few Days

I’ve just arrived in Cambridge and returned the car (with more than 1000 miles on it!!). Jackie is staying at Kings College, overlooking the Cam and it is really beautiful – I can hear people punting by right now. I’m looking forward to some fun nights out here. The past few days have been good fun.

I had a lovely time in Milwich with the Hocknells. Jackie came up on Thursday night and after an excellent dinner with the Hocknells we had a few drinks at the Green Man, and generally relaxed. Friday we had a nice wander around Stafford, lunch with Lila. That night Jackie, Pete, Rach and me went out for a nice dinner in Stafford – 3 courses for 10.95 which was pretty yummy. We then went to a couple of places around there for drinks, before heading home for some oat cakes with baked beans and cheese which is always delicious! Saturday morning it was back on the road again. We headed down to Chipping Campden to stay with Candy and William, and on the way, stopped in Stratford upon Avon for a brief look at where Shakespeare was born.

Chipping Campden was beautiful (as expected) and to our surprise we had arrived the day that Candy and William were putting on an ‘Indian Banquet’ for 12. The delicious food was complemented perfectly by lots of Pimms, followed by Beer, Wine and finally a trip to the local pub until they decided to stop serving drinks. India, William’s Daughter, showed us around town a bit and came to the pub with us so it was a great country town experience.

On Sunday the travelling continued. We headed off to Bath (yes, Ben was back in Bath after only a few days to show me around!) for lunch where we met Kate. Kate is a friend from Santa Barbara who lives in Weston-super-mare, south of Bristol which is where me and Jackie stayed Sunday night. After lunch we headed off to Stonehenge, and even payed the 5 pound entry fee to walk around and listen to a (rather unimpressive) audio tour. Everything is so hypothetical so I didn’t really learn anything from the tour. The stones are quite impressive though.

From Stonehenge we headed to Kate’s house (where we arrived spot on 6 as I predicted ;-)). Jackie and I had a wonderful time there, and Kate’s family were lovely. Kate’s mum even made me Bacon and Eggs for breakfast. Our night out expereciencing Weston was quite the experience. After more than a few pre drinks we (Jackie, Me, Kate, Emily (Kate’s sister aka Empty), and a couple of their friends) headed out to ‘VII’, Dragon Kiss and Sands for a night of dancing and ‘Snake Bites’ – beer, cider and blackcurrant! It was good fun and left Jackie and I very tired for the drive over to Cambridge this morning. We stopped for lunch in Oxford and had a wander around (Keiren, I had a look at Merton again. Hopefully you can show me around sometime soon 🙂 ).

That just about sums up my past couple of days. I’ve put up heaps of photos so have a look!

-Ben and Jackie

5 thoughts on “A Busy Few Days

  1. hmm…it appears as though you have commandeered my sister…and well, quite frankly, i don’t like it. i would like it if you returned her immediately. come visit us soon…we miss you and your white robes

    peace out biatch

  2. wow… looks as though the stalker has found you. Ha better you than me. Ãœ Great talking with you on the phone today, you need to come see us once again. We really like you. I’ll keep checking in on you guys, have fun and keep on enjoying life. As it should be. Love you Bonnie

  3. looks like you guys are having an awesome time boss…particularly enjoyed the photos from the night out…reminded my of times out in SB. Wish i could have been there to share in the carnage however i am still slaving away at work. hope you have a wicked time dude and make the most of london nightlife! say hi to dan if you see him again and poo when you get back to oz. hope all is well boss, speak soon – beaners x

  4. i haven’t even reached my creep status potential!!! i have so much room to grow and flourish into my full stalker self. muuhuuhaaahaa

    peace out benny boo boo booo

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