I’ve had a fun past few days in Cambridge staying in Kings College which really is very pretty, although I’m tired (you can probably see the bags under my eyes in the photos!). Jackie’s room is right on the Cam so I’ve done some wandering aorund the area, and all around Cambridge town centre. Mum, I’ve now finally seen New Hall, if only briefly walking by. My first night here we went to a delicious dinner at Bella Italia which overlooked the river (me talking about food again – one track mind;-)). Jackie then took me to the Kings Bar for a drink before a Pub Quiz, which unfortunately wasn’t a great success since the TA’s had decided to make it a fairly serious event – name the classical music type questions. Jackie and I left a bit early, to go out for a cocktail only to find that our team (Jackie Chan and the Karate Explosion – Heyah!!) later won chocolate muffins for last place! We then went to the Fountain, since it is basically the only pub open late. It was good to finally meet all of Jackie’s friends here who are all really nice, and good fun.

Tuesday night we just had a quiet night after an evening of Literary Punting, where we punted along the Cam, while reading extracts from, and learning about Cambridge literary figures, like Tennyson and AA Milne of Winnie the Pooh fame. Jackie turns out to be a very good punter, and I think I did quite well too for a first try (if I do say so myself).

Wednesday morning we walked the gorgeous two miles to Grantchester and had tea and scones outside at the Orchard. Last night was Formal Hall, which started with drinks on the lawn that you can’t normally walk on (see my photo enjoying walking on it!). We then had a delicious dinner with the other people from the programs as well as some of the professors. Afterwards we headed out to a pub and then a club called Ballare, which was fun although I’m really not a fan of everything charging cover charges!

This morning, we had a delicious English breakfast and fruit salad before having a look at the Fitzwilliam Museum. I’m now just about to start packing to head to London for the weekend. We’re staying with Katie who I’m really looking forward to catching up with.

I’ll let you all know how the weekend goes when we get back on monday.


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  1. Well it sounds as though you are ready to get out of Cambridge so you can party down in London. Have fun, keep posting I’ll call you guys later Love to you xoxoxo

  2. Hey Ben,

    Good to know you are having a great time. I’m in Chicago now with exchange friends that came to UNSW which is pretty cool. Dude great photos and hot girls.


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