An exciting evening

After a relaxing day of running, laundry, and a stroll through King’s College Chapel we headed out to buy a bottle of wine for a drink before dinner with my friend Kate. A few of us met in the college bar and Allie, Kate, Ben and I were meant to make a quick trip to Sainsbury’s – the local super market. We decided on a bottle of red and thought since the Pimm’s was on sale we’d indulge in that too. When we got back to King’s to meet up with everyone else the whole of King’s Parade was blocked off because of a suspicious package left at Corpus Christi (a college right down the road). After speaking to the police man and realizing we wouldn’t be back for quite some time we decided to sit at the outdoor market and enjoy a ‘glass’ or two of wine, and even though I so brilliantly invited Dr. Birdman he decided not to join us. Oh well it was worth a try. After polishing off the wine we still couldn’t get in so decided to walk to a nice Tapas place down the road for dinner. Apparently the walk was too long and made us quite thirsty so we stopped and mixed the Pimm’s with some ginger ale in the Volvic water bottle. For dinner we had some tasty Tapas perfectly complemented by the Cava Sangira which magically refilled itself with the rest of our Pimm’s. By that stage the effects of the alcohol were definitely apparent and since we weren’t properly dressed to go dancing at the Fez (Ben was still in his UCLA trekkies, trainers, and a polo) we headed to the Cow. After about five hours and too many outrageous pictures, we finally headed back to the room to change and go out. After crashing a birthday party in Bodley’s and recruiting another player, we decided a classic game of catchphrase was more enticing. Overall a really great night sparked by a bomb threat.


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