Norfolk and Ely

Yesterday, after our exciting bomb threat evening, I had a quiet morning while Jackie headed off to class bright and early (poor her after all the Pimms!). At lunch time I went and picked up our rental car, and Jackie and I drove over to Debs’ house in Norfolk to spend the afternoon with her and her family. Jackie and I spent most of the afternoon using up what little energy we had racing Alexander and Alice around the tennis court and jumping on the trampoline. The racing more involved me carrying them round the court though 😉 As the afternoon passed we moved on to relaxing over a glass of Pimms, while Alexander cooked us dinner on the bbq and Jackie and Debs put together a salad using Alexander and Alice’s home grown veggies. Dinner was delicious and it was good to meet Joe, and catch up with Debs, Alice and Alexander (and do a little exercise). After dinner and some yummy meringue, We drove back to Cambridge and had a nice early night (how unusual!).

This morning we got up at 7.45 (crazy :-)), had breakfast and drove over to Ely (pronounced Eel-y since it’s named after eels in the marshes apparently). The cathedral there was huge and beautiful, with an impressive ‘octagon’ tower at it’s center. I now plan on having a nice relaxing afternoon doing nothing to hopefully reduce the bags under my eyes before formal dinner tonight.

Enjoy all the photos!

One thought on “Norfolk and Ely

  1. Great photos! I love the shades they are rather becoming. Looks like you are STILL having good times.
    Sounds as though things are somewhat crazy hopefully things will settle down once again. I am enjoying the blog so keep up with it. Thanks for sharing the photos. Enjoy! xoxo

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