Work has begun

VeCommerceAfter my wonderful time in England, and a couple of days back in Sydney, my next 24 week placement has begun all too soon. I’m at a company called VeCommerce which provides speech recognition systems, essentially for call center automation. Its in Lane Cove, so the drive in rush hour takes about the same as it did to Alcatel (a little over half an hour), but the drive home is quicker. So far I’ve just been getting everything setup on my computer and meeting people. It seems like a friendly office which is good. Also, there is a shower in the building which seems like a strange thing to notice, but I was worried there wouldn’t be and I want to continue jogging (I believe it may be a soft j as in yogging ;-)) at lunchtime.

In 4 weeks I’ve got a week off on Tom’s boat in the Whitsundays to look forward to – I can’t wait. It does mean unfortunately that I’ll be working through until uni starts since I have 2 weeks off for christmas. Nevermind – well worth it if you ask me.

Hope all is well with everyone else


One thought on “Work has begun

  1. Hey work sucks dude, but we have to get used to it (Damn graduation next year)!! I had my first day off uni (ever) which is awesome. Hope work is as letting you do as much work as I am which is pretty much nothing.


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