Halloween Approaches

Since getting back from the Whitsundays I’ve had a busy few weeks at work, doing alot of coding for VeWiki (an internal VeCommerce wiki), and also VeVerify, an internet banking application where transfers are authenticated by calling the account owner and using speech verification (and yes, I am aware that the names all start with a ‘Ve’ – they will never tire of that). It’s quite interesting which is a pleasant change. Enough about work though.

Last Thursday was Oktoberfest at uni, which is the biggest unibar party for the year. I had a great night since there were heaps of people there that I knew, some of whom I hadn’t seen for a while. I didn’t get much sleep, so work wasn’t the best, but such is life. I didn’t let the lack of sleep get me down and went round to Smouha’s house on Friday night for drinks, and then Saturday had a quiet day followed by Tania’s farewell in the city. Tania’s going away for 2 years. I’m very jealous especially since she will be staying with Jackie in Santa Barbara in a week! Luckily I had a much needed quiet day at the beach surfing with Louis on Sunday – what a weekend.

I also recently went to the Lawn Party at the races at Randwick Racecourse which was a great day. For those of you that don’t know, the Spring Racing Carnival involves lots of days where everyone gets dressed up to go and watch the horse races. The lawn party is outside by the track as the name suggests, with food and alcohol included. There are also tents set up by the sponsors, with dj’s and stuff. I didn’t actually watch much of the racing with so much else to do, although I did place 2 bets on what I thought were horses that couldn’t lose (based solely on their names – Magic Jet and Bickie Tin Blues). Unfortunately they weren’t as quick as I had hoped! After the races I went to Will’s place for pizza by the sea, then the after party at cargo, then a mexican party at a friend’s place in coogee and finally ended up at the Palace. The next morning I was a little tired, but had a nice relaxing day at Palm Beach with friends. Dan and Cassie were visiting from England so they came too. It was great to see them, although I did have a slightly scary drive with Dan behind the wheel!

Last night a friend had a Halloween Party which was fun. I didn’t really have an organized costume so I was looking a little random. Wearing TK’s tight jeans, and high tops, and a pirate tattoo that said ‘death before dishonor’ on my arm! I felt especially out of place at dinner at Bather’s before hand with the family and Susie and Josh who are visiting from the US. Tess (who was having the party) had gone to alot of effort to make the house look in theme, and most people had dressed up. One standout couple was ‘Peter the Pumpkin Eater’ and his girlfriend (see the photos!).

There are photos of the races,Oktoberfest and the Halloween party in the photo gallery, so have a look. Also, for all those non-mac users out there, have a read of joel’s rant for yet another reason to leave the dark side 😉

Hope everyone is well. I’m off for a surf since it’s a lovely sunny spring morning!


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  1. sounds like a lot of fun..although halloween in iv is unlike any other. i think my favorite part (you may have accidentally left out) were the three or maybe four phone calls screaming ‘death before dishonor!!’ glad you’re having fun and can’t wait to see you soon!! lots of love xxo

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