Wakeboarding and much more…

It’s been a busy few days since my last post. Jackie and I have been to Melbourne for 2 nights where we spent 1 night in a hotel downtown and 1 night with the Fedele’s. It was great fun catching up with Sheila, Frank, Wendy and Pasquale as well as other friends of mine. We caught up with Stuart and Andrew who I knew in Singapore, and Alex who I know from Sydney. Despite Jackie being the one who hadn’t been before, I ended up doing most of the shopping, buying new jeans and 2 t shirts!

Back in Sydney we’ve been on the bridge climb which was exciting, and have also been up wakeboarding on the Hawkesbury with Pat and Alex. It was a great day on the river – not too many boats around, the sun came out, and the water was calm. I thought I’d post a little clip of Jackie and I wakeboarding. Enjoy!


3 thoughts on “Wakeboarding and much more…

  1. Hey Bro, What up?? Just saw the video and it was awesome. You gotta take me out one day and show me:P

    Hows co-op going and also ready for our last year of ee&t?

    PEAS Naeill

  2. Sup yo! Hey man wicked clip, i wish I could be back down in the sun but im in mayland freezing my @$$ off instead woohoo. Anyways take care man and keep on truckin ^ ^ (and partyin, causin a ruckus and all that jazz)

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