Happy Australia Day

Australian Flag

I’m lying in bed with my ears still ringing from Big Day Out yesterday. It was an awesome day as always despite all the recent controversy (in case you didn’t hear they tried to ban people taking the flag for fears of racial violence, and every politician and his dog cried out about how awful/ridiculous/un-australian(a popular term right now) it was)
I got there at mid day, and headed straight to the line for alcohol wrist bands – first things first! I then saw the Spazzys on one of the main stages with Rachael and Tania (the main stages are the orange and blue stages which are in the baseball stadium). After the Spazzy’s, it was time for a few beers en-route to the boiler room, which is a large indoor dance area (kind of like a warehouse with big screens, lasers etc and a stage at the front – very cool. The Herd, an Aussie Hip-Hop act were on and were actually really good. I hadn’t heard much of their stuff before.

After The Herd, it was back over to the main stage (after queueing for more beer) to see Evermore, Scribe, My Chemical Romance and Eskimo Joe. They were all really good, although I really enjoyed Scribe and My Chemical Romance since I was right up the front of the ‘D’ (the area in front of the stage), in the mosh pit with Pat. It got kind of crazy in My Chemical Romance – I’m glad I’m not a little girl 😉 It was then time to head over to the LilyWorld, a small, outdoor dance area, for Sneaky Sound System. I was really looking forward to Sneaky, and they certainly DID NOT deliver. They played 1 song, (We are your friends, You’ll never be alone again) and stopped due to ‘Safety Concerns’ cause of the crowd. It was certainly a lot safer than the mosh pit at the main stage, let me tell you that! Oh well, such is life.

Pat and I instead headed to get more drinks, a bite to eat, and then go back to the Orange stage for The Killers. We got there just in time to get into the D before it filled up, and it was worth it The Killers put on a good show! After The Killers, you guessed it, a few more drinks, a bit of food, and then a bit of a rest. I finally managed to meet Rory and Jules. Muse was our next stop, although we watched them from further back so I could relax a bit. It was 8 by this stage, and I needed my energy for Lupe Fiasco. Not many people here seem to know Lupe, so he was in the Hot House, a smaller stage. It was an awesome show and very energetic.

After Lupe, I headed back to the Boiler Room where I caught the end of The Presets and then finished the night with a one and a half hour Crystal Method set. Rory, Jules and I were at the front dancing the whole time, shirts off (not Jules though :-(), sweating like crazy.

Afterwards we headed to the train to make the long journey home. We were all buggered – my feet were sore, my ears were ringing, my white shirt was brown, and even had someone’s blood on the back, but it had been well worth it!
What a Day!!

Today it is Australia Day, so I’m heading round to Kylie’s for a bbq, dressed in a wife beater (singlet), to relax by the pool and recover from yesterday, and perhaps even commemorate the landing of the first fleet!

Happy Australia Day Everyone!

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  1. A full day to say the least Ben….did you know that maria fiocco’s neice has just married the lead singer of Eskimo Jo?

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