Busy times…

Well it has certainly been a busy few weeks for me! Since my last blog I have started moving house – when I say started, I mean that my room is empty now except for my clothes which I will move across this weekend! The new house is looking good. The garden has finally been cleaned up, the pest control people have been, gas and electricity are on…however still no phone or internet! Apparently there is a line fault that will be fixed shortly. The pleasures of moving out of home.
It’s all worked out very well though. Mum and Dad kindly donated alot of stuff from home, and I’ve picked up alot of stuff that other people happened to be getting rid of. Lachlan from work has set us up with an extra fridge, a sofa bed and most importantly a dryer! I’ll put up some photos of the house over the next fews days once I’m all unpacked. Next weekend we are having a house warming, which hopefully the house will survive!

The past few weeks I have also been interviewing at The Boston Consulting Group – 3 rounds of 2×1 hour interviews, which has been a little stressful. Nevertheless, it has all paid off because I had the final round yesterday and found out today that I have been offered a place for next year! There will definitely be some celebrations this weekend!! (and continuing on next Monday night as I am going to a Snow Patrol concert which will be AWESOME)

My time at VeCommerce is now coming to an end, since I finish on the 23rd. Unfortunately though, no holidays for me 🙁 It’s straight back to uni on the 26th, for a busy year of thesis writing!

That about brings everyone up to speed on my life. Let me know how you’re all going, either with an email or a comment.

Bye for now

7 thoughts on “Busy times…

  1. Congratulations on getting the job at Boston Consulting for next year – we never doubted you and just want to say how proud we are of you!
    We’re looking forward to seeing the pics of the house! Remember your old mum and dad though – they will miss you!!
    s & f xxxx

  2. Congratulations Ben!
    I knew you would get the job. I can’t wait to see your house, things seem to be moving along in the right direction. Keep up the good work, and try not to celebrate too hard. Enjoy! Kisses to you. Bonnie

  3. im just seeing how many different medium i can communicate to you through. the joys of modern technology.i love reading your blog – i can really ‘hear’ your voice when you write and it makes you feel closer. but im not sure about the photo of the moist aloe vera plant at the top (though green is very ‘in’ at the moment’). well done again on bcg – hopefully dads allegiance to the ‘enemy’ isn’t so strong that he stops talking to you! xxx

  4. o and ps if you get a chance to meet snow patrol back stage tell them i was outraged by their lack of awards at the brits last night. their album is so much better than the arctic monkeys. xxx
    im just worried that they’re gonna throw the towel in after trying so hard and getting no recognition

  5. Thanks everyone. Keiren, if I get a chance to chat with Snow Patrol (very likely ;-)), I’ll pass on your message! You’ve certainly done a good job with your messages – sms, phone, facebook and blog!
    Thanks again

  6. Dear Ben,
    We are thrilled for you, a new house and a job. WOW. I know that this offer required more than that wonderful smile to charm them. Amazing how all your brillance and focus actually pays off. In typical British fashion, John says “Well Done.” Hum, you can’t get better praise than that.
    I personnally loved the aloe vera. It really captured my attention with its intricate detail, though it did make me wonder if you had gotten sunburned.
    Now, of course, I shall have to find out who Snow Patrol is. I thought they were the guys on the ski slopes.
    It was so great to see you. Let us know the dates of your visit.

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