I’ll be back…

It’s been a little while since my last blog, and it’s kind of hard to know where to start. I’ve now been all moved in for a month, and it is going well. The house looks good, and my desk finally arrived on the weekend so my room is at last complete. I’m surviving with all the household chores, although this weekend we are going to do some gardening which could be interesting 🙂 The housewarming party was a big success! Heaps of people turned up, mostly in costume (the theme was WTF mate – me, Rory and Julia were Hula girls) and had a great time, although the police (Aka strippers) finally showed up at 2 and made us turn off the music 🙁 Don’t worry – being the considerate people that we are, we took a bottle of wine to the neighbours to apologize despite them calling the police.

I’m now in to my third week of being back at uni which is taking some adjusting to! Although it’s nice not working 9-5, I’m in the process of starting my thesis so there is actually quite a lot of work and I already have assignments! Never mind. It’ll settle down soon! Other than uni I’ve generally been having a great time doing some surfing and wakeboarding, as well as lots of nights out. It is Smouha’s birthday today so Saturday night we went out for a Lebanese banquet dinner with Belly Dancers, and then went and did Karaoke. Stuart and Mai, friends of mine who live in Melbourne, were here for the weekend too so I hung out with them a lot too – both in Manly and Bondi, since the weather was great and they wanted to be a little touristy 😉 . Friday night I gave a speech at uni, at the Coop scholars first year induction ceremony, about my experiences which was kind of fun and I got free food and a bottle of wine. It’s been a busy weekend all in all, so I’m a little tired today – I’ve decided to have a quiet weekend this weekend.

Other exciting news – I’ve booked a ticket to the US for easter. I’m only there 10 days cause of uni commitments, but it’ll be a great trip. I’m spending the time with Jackie, and we’re going to spend a night in Pasadena with her family, 4 nights in Santa Barbara, 2 nights in San Francisco and 2 nights in Lake Tahoe. I can’t wait.

Hope things are well with all of you.

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  1. hi! just in bucharest atm, we’re off to sofia this evening. its lovely to think we can still stay in touch even though youre miles away and im in the post communist backwaters. im here with four friends, and its lovely having uninterrupted time with them, but i had no idea just how much id be psychologically affected by the communist project. apart from some beautiful historic ruins, the whole area has been converted into horrific tower blocks. but the food and drink are extremely cheap and we have been consuming much of it – good way to put back on the weight i lost in term time. anyway off to do some more face stuffing, and we might just drop into the museum of the peasant after that (theyre a dying breed after the megalomaniac leader forcefully moved them into cities!) lots of love to everyone xxxxxx

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