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On Friday night I took part in the Cancer Council Youth Relay For Life. I’m a little tired, a little sore, and I just though that I’d write a quick note about it. Basically, the Relay For Life is a fund raising event that involves entering a team, and having at least one member of the team walking around the oval for 18 hours – 4pm till 10am! This was the first time that the Youth Relay had been run in Australia, and it was held at UNSW so I thought I should get involved. Most teams enter with 10-20 people, but in a moment of pure genius, Pat, another Ben, and I decided to enter a 3 man Wakeboard Club team. I guess we didn’t really think through the logistics of it – but we made it anyway. On the day we decided the best option was for 1 person to sleep at a time so the others didn’t get bored. I got 12-1.30 and 4.30-6. We hadn’t brought a tent either so slept on the floor in a sleeping bag. Luckily it didn’t rain. It’s amazingly hard though to get up after 1.5 hours sleep and continue walking around the village green. The relay was actually quite fun though, as there were about 400 people, and they had organised bands, jelly wrestling, competitions and movies on the big screen. It meant that you could rest for a few laps every so often (while someone else kept walking) and enjoy the entertainment.

In the end, I walked for about 13 hours out of the 18 including breaks for food, sleep, toilet etc. I walked about 65 km!! As a team we walked about 90 km. In the closing ceremony we even got a prize because they said they noticed ‘a team of only 3 who kept walking all night like energiser bunnies’ – not a bad result 🙂

If anyone feels like donating a bit of money to the cancer council for our efforts (since unfortunately we only joined last minute and didn’t raise any funds other than our entry fees 🙁 ), then just go to this link and donate to the Wakerski & Wakeboard Team, organised by Ben Welch.

I’ve put up a few photos, so have a look at them.

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  1. Hey Ben(also Ben & Patrick) – Awesome!
    As the Donation site came up as being unsecure we have sent a cheque via your folk’s address.
    the Fedeles

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