My Graduation Party

It has certainly been a busy last few weeks since Ben returned to Sydney in April. I accepted an offer from the University of Sydney 🙂 and will be leaving California on June 19th – only five weeks away! I’ve been training for one last triathlon before I leave, finishing up work, applying for my Student Visa and other preparations for going abroad, and of course attending various events on the ever so important Spring Social Calendar (a calendar some friends and I came up with to insure we take advantage of every moment left in Isla Vista).

After my last day of work on Friday and participating in the ultra competitive doubles tennis tournament in Santa Barbara (all about Team Pound!!), I drove home to Pasadena for the Graduation and Bon Voyage party my parents hosted. Firstly, I’d like to thank my Mom for all of her hard work and thoughtful considerations – it was definitely a success! What I thought was going to be appetizers, beer and wine, turned into a full on banquet with nearly any cocktail you could dream up! When my Mom gets going there really is no stopping her! It was wonderful to see friends and family from all stages of my life again, and one last time before I leave. I really will miss you all!! Mrs. Sadler and Sister Celeste from Flintridge Sacred Heart surprised me as did my Aunt Vicky, Aunt Tal, and Uncle Joe from Coronado, and the Smiths came all the way down from Big Bear!! Thank you all for your presence Saturday and well wishes as I embark on the next adventure in my life.

For Mother’s Day we had brunch out in the backyard after Mom and Dad got back from the Rose Bowl. With a little extra advice from Mom and Bubba, I made a Green Chile Frittata with Guacamole and the black bean, corn, and tomato salad – it was delicious. This afternoon we’re heading to the Miller’s to continue the celebration and appreciation.

Thank you again to my parents for putting together such a fabulous day and to all of our guests for taking the time to say goodbye – it meant so much to me to have you there.

PS Be sure to check out the photo gallery!! 😉

6 thoughts on “My Graduation Party

  1. Jackie, it was so wonderful to see you as well as everybody else who graced us with their presence! You looked as beautiful as always and I am glad I was able to see you again before you commence your last month with us here in the states. With regards to seeing everybody from all of different periods of our life, I couldn’t agree more with you, indeed it meant very much to me to see them as well. Thanks to all that came, thanks to mom and dad, but most importanly, thanks to Jackie way to go sis I love you soooo much.


  2. Jackie,
    It was wonderful to see my little cousin after so long. Busy life lets us forget how important family really is (I’m very guilty of that).
    I just wanted you to know how proud I am of you! You are gorgeous (it runs in the family), intelligent, and full of life. You are the total package! You’re parents did a great job at raising you.
    I wish you luck on your life’s journey and wanted to let you know we’ll all be waiting for you to come back home (at least on visits).
    I love you!

  3. love you cuz!!!! so glad i got to see ya…. you looked beautiful as always…..and i’m not kidding about coming to visit you!!!!!!!!! be safe on your trip….and if we get the tickets together for the baseball game i’ll be sure to let you know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Thanks Jenn, Tal, and Bubba – you guys are very sweet and I love you all too! It’ll be hard being away from such a wonderful family but the adventure ahead is too exciting to pass up! We HAVE to keep in touch!!! Love to you all!

    ps can’t wait to see you soon too Benj 😉 xx

  5. Wow what a party! Ben we missed you!
    We are going to miss you so much Jackie. Dad will be beside himself. I guess we really will have to come visit you and Ben to meet everyone. We will look forward to your great updates on the blog you’ll have to keep new postings. I Love you honey and am going to miss you! xoxoxo

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