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As I write this, I’m struggling to keep my eyes open at uni. It has been a busy week of snowboarding, partying/drinking, and competing at the Snow Sport Australian University Championships held at Perisher Blue. Uni’s from all around Australia send teams to compete at AUCs. Technically, the week is about competing, and some people do take it very seriously, however the majority of people are just there to have fun and have a go. I only competed in Boarder Cross for UNSW, whereas Jackie competed in Giant Slalom and Boarder Cross for Sydney Uni. On the snow, we had a great week of boarding and enjoying the beginnings of spring. I’ve ended up with a bit of a goggle tan, neck tan, and arm tan since I just wore a t shirt alot of the time. Some friend’s of mine, Xummy and Leigh happened to be down at Perisher for the week as well, so we rode a fair bit with them too. We also ran in to another friend, Adrian, one day and did a few runs with him too so it was a very social trip.

On to the competition. Jackie competed first in GS on our first day on the snow. She did very well, given her lack of experience. She even managed to win a heat (in a Steven Bradbury moment – have a look at the wikipedia page about him if you don’t know who he is). The other girl in the heat fell over just meters from the finish, and Jackie managed to slip past as the girl crawled for the finish line!

After the GS, we had a couple of days rest from competition because Boarder Cross on the Tuesday was cancelled due to winds, and instead held on Wednesday morning. The course was really icy that morning, and we had troubles even getting to the start line. I just had a fairly cruisy run through, since alot of the guys take it seriously so there isn’t much of a chance of placing. Jackie did very well through the course, managing not to come last and not to be DQ’d (disqualified), so actually beat alot of girls.

Over the course of the week we also watched the rails and half pipe comps which were cool. Some of the male skiiers were amazing in the pipe, and it was a great atmosphere sitting around in the sun with music playing watching the competition. A friend from UNSW, Meredith, won our only gold medal in the pipe! Sydney on the other hand had a lot of success, and managed to finally beat their main rival, University of Melbourne to win the Women’s and Overall Trophies for the week. UTS won spirit of the mountain, with their bright pink jumpers, and chants of S.L.U.T.S – although what S.L stands for is unclear – Snow Ladies perhaps 😉 . The competition wasn’t without injuries however, and Sydney students seemed to be dropping like flies – I think 4 of them injured themselves in one day!

As I mentioned above, most people are just there to have fun, so the ‘apres ski’ events are a big part of the week. The first night was team uniform night, and each team has a jumper/hoodie that they wear so that there is a bit of team spirit. It was great fun, although I spent most of the night drinking over at the Sydney rooms with Jackie. The next night was a traffic light party (ie wear green if single, orange if unsure, red if taken). I managed to put together a ridiculous red outfit, whereas Jackie still managed to look good. The party that night was at the LJ (lake jindabyne hotel), not our hotel (the Station). At the bar, Jackie managed to get caught in a bar brawl between some locals and copped an elbow to the lip. Luckily, she only spilt a bit of my beer, and was confident she could ‘pop a cap in his ass’ if she saw the guy again! Despite that we had a great night dancing, although suffered a bit on the snow the next day! After the traffic light party was tight and bright night at the Station resort. As you can tell from the photos we all looked ridiculous but had a lot of fun. Wednesday night was a night off for some, since there was an Evermore concert on at the Station, but Jackie and I headed in to Jindy (the Town) with Gemma and Meredith, and went for drinks at Banjo’s, another bar in town. Jackie and I met up with Tom’s cousin Greg again, and had a fun night before having to get the ‘Brain Bus’ (late night shuttle) home to the Station. Our final night was a formal dinner where prizes were announced, and Sydney proudly claimed there trophy, before continuing the party back at their room.

Jackie and I weren’t feeling our best the next morning but still managed to drive back to Sydney, although we ended up not getting back home till almost 5. Under some peer pressure however, we were convinced to head out to Kings Cross for Mel’s birthday and one last night of partying. Needless to say, the rest of the weekend has been a bit of a struggle, and I wish that I could be asleep now. We’ve been catching up on rest and the work from the week off. It was all worth it though, since we have really had an amazing time and made lots of new friends!

Here is a compilation of a couple of videos of Jackie and I, so enjoy it and also have a look at the photos in the photo gallery. They’re hilarious.

Hope you’re all well
Ben and Jackie

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