Destination 1: Bangkok!

We’re finally off enjoying our long awaited round the world trip and are currently in Bangkok. We’ve been here 2 nights and are off tomorrow for Koh Phangan. We’ve been loving it 🙂

We’re staying at a hostel near khao san rd, which is the main backpacker street, and is crazy. You can even buy ‘buckets’ of cocktails from little street vendors, as well as delicious pad thai and other dishes very cheap – a chicken pad thai is A$1! Khao san rd is full of backpacker energy which is great fun!

We arrived here sunday afternoon and spent the evening walking around the area to get acquainted with all the back streets, before having some beers and a pad thai, and even a bucket of long island iced tea. We then had an early night to get a good night’s rest for the days a head. Our plan for monday was to walk around all the old temples and the palace, but it turned out to be a public holiday for something to do with the king’s birthday. We changed our plans to suit this and spent the morning on a crazy tuk-tuk ride to the standing buddha (a giant buddha covered in gold) and the marble temple, as well as stopping at a tailor and crazy jewelry store. The shops were clear scams that paid the driver a commission, but we went along anyway since it meant we didn’t have to buy anything and ended up with a 2 hour tour for less than A$2! For the afternoon we then took a canal (khlung) taxi to go and check out siam square, MBK (a big shopping centre) and pratunam markets which weren’t particularly exciting 🙁 The khlung taxi however was a great experience. It flew along, and you had to be careful not to get sprayed by the (very polluted) water!

Our friends from Sydney, Alpha and Jared, arrived in the afternoon, and we spent the evening with them around khao san rd having a few drinks, some good food, and letting them get oriented. Today, we headed off early to do a walk around the historic area of ko ratanokosin. We saw some pretty amazing temples, a giant gold reclining buddha (about 40m long), as well as the emerald buddha temple and the grand palace. The emerald buddha temple and the grand palace were amazing! They were huge, and ornately decorated with gold. It’s hard to explain the whole scale of it, although the photos will attempt it. We’ll try and put them up when we can! After all the temples we got a river boat back to banglamphu where we’re staying, and relaxed for a while before going to see the golden mount, another huge temple that you can climb and overlook all of bangkok.

We’re now relaxing a bit more, although tonight we’re heading over to patpong to see a ping pong show as you have to do while in thailand! Tomorrow morning we’re off to relax on the beach in koh phangan, which will be amazing!

We’ll write again when we can.
Jackie and Ben

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