Hola from Barcelona!

We arrived here in Barcelona yesterday after a slight hiccup en route – Our flight out of Delhi was delayed slightly, so upon arriving in Frankfurt we were escorted through immigration to try to make our connection, but alas, it was all for nothing and we missed the connection and had to wait 3 hours for the next flight to Barcelona! Our hostel here is great though – we´re in a room that sleeps about 12 people, but have our own little 2 person section, and more importantly we´re right in the middle of town near las ramblas and placa catalunya. Yesterday we wondered around town all afternoon doing a little bit of shopping and introducing me to some Gaudi buildings which are actually very unusual and impressive! Jackie is being a very good tour guide since she has been here before 😉 Last night we had a very American dinner at Hard Rock Cafe to get some much needed western food – it was my first burger in ages! Today we´ve spent the day wandering around town. We started with the Sagrada Familia which is another amazing Gaudi building – it´s a huge temple/church which is hard to explain, but you´ll all see it when we put the photos up. We then went to Parc Guell – another Gaudi site, before heading back into town to buy some salami, bread and cheese for lunch at the Boqueria Market, which we then took down to the water to eat – Yum Yum! Barcelona is a beautiful city, and I can imagine how crowded the beach must get in summer.

Tomorrow we´re meeting an old family friend, Joan, for paella for Lunch, and then tomorrow afternoon we head off to madrid! Just a short stay here but we´re keeping busy and there are still many more cities to see 🙂

Now, on to our last couple of days in India which were great fun too. From Jaipur we headed to Ranthambhore National Park/Tiger Reserve, where unfortunately we didnt see any tigers 🙁 We still had a great time playing cricket at the hotel, and seeing other wildlife on the safaris – even though the morning safari was freezing, and despite us wearing everything we had and a blanket, it was still the coldest we´ve ever been in the open air jeep! After Ranthambhore, it was off to Agra which was our final stop, and home of the Taj Mahal. We saw the Taj at sunrise and it blew us away – it was more amazing than any of us thought it would be and certainly deserves it´s fame. We also went to learn about Agra´s specialty handicraft of inlaying semi precious stones in marble which is incredibly impressive and time consuming since each stone is cut and inlayed by hand and some are almost as thin as a piece of hair. We also saw an exhibit of amazing embroidery that was 3D and unlike anything we had seen before. Jackie also got to dress up in emerald jewelry that was literally worth millions of dollars! From Agra, the following morning we drove to Delhi, dropped the rest of my family at the airport, and then Jackie and I spent 6 hours at the airport Radisson having a delicious dinner and cocktails to pass the time until our flight at 3 am.

That about sums up what we´ve been up to since the last blog. We´ll put up our barcelona photos when I next have internet on my computer.
Hope everyone is well. Un beso (Best Wishes)

Ben and Jackie

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  1. wow! Love hearing of your trip and I just love the photos. Cna’t wait to see you guys again! Love to you un besito!

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