Our Milsons Mansion

As always, it has been quite a while since we last posted anything, however we have very exciting news for those of you that don’t know – Jackie and I have moved house to a very cool little one bedroom apartment in Milsons Point. It was sad to say farewell to Walter St, but we felt that it was time to move.

Milsons Point is just across the Harbour Bridge from the city, so we have views of the Bridge, and the Opera House (Through the Bridge). It really is a great spot – Jackie and I have been enjoying runs along the water and into the city, and it is only 5 minutes to the city by train so it is really easy to get to work. Just a stones throw from the apartment are all the restaurants of Kirribilli which are very cool and we are slowly trying to get through them all!

Our apartment is on level 7 in a security building (Here is the entrance on Google Street View) that has a pool, sauna and gym! The apartment itself is a decent size 1 bedroom unit (have a look at the photos) with a kitchen, living/dining room, laundry room, bathroom with spa bath, nice bedroom and a small balcony. It has new floors and is nice and modern. Jackie and I are loving living there and have spent the last few weeks buying all the furniture that we didn’t have (we still need dining room chairs since the ones we got at Ikea were the wrong colour when we unpacked them!). We even bought a brand new LCD tv yesterday which is very cool! Thanks so much to mum and dad, as well as Bonnie and Lou for your generous contributions!

Other than moving house, Jackie and I have been busy with work. I’m on my last week on my current case, so fly down to Melbourne tomorrow until Friday, but will then hopefully have a little while in Sydney. Work is going well for Jackie who has some extremely exciting news – she got a promotion so is now a Consultant!

A couple of weeks ago was also Jackie and my third anniversary together counting from our first date. We went out to a lovely dinner at a restaurant called La Grillade

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