Adventures worthy of capital status

Hope you all had a fabulously romantic Valentines Day! (We may have enjoyed an 1.5 hour couple’s massage followed by a lovely seafood dinner at the Sardine Room!)

Since then we’ve been busy little bees at work. Ben is still working during the week down in Canberra. Given that he’s spending so much time down there, I really wanted to check it out and experience Australia’s capital for all that its worth…whatever people may say about it 😉

The first day I was there I did all of the standard tourist stuff – went for a tour of old parliament house, walked around the gardens, checked out the museums and generally got a feel for the city. That night we headed out to dinner in Manuka. Conveniently Pasquale was still there working on locum so he joined us. The next night we headed into the ‘city’ for a Japanese dinner (complete with Sake bombs!) and a night out at the Irish pub – King O’Malleys. My obsession with cider from my days at Cambridge was in full control and Ben and I enjoyed a night just the two of us enjoying the cider and the music.

The next morning we headed to the Degas exhibit which was absolutely incredible. The famous artist’s sculpture of a ballet dancer was even more impressive in person. We then headed to new parliament for a tour before driving north 45 minutes to the wineries in the region. We ended up purchasing a few bottles from the three wineries we tasted (Dionysus may have been a favourite…but that was just because of the name. Coincidentally, the cellar master’s nephew worked at BCG and Ben knows him!!) A friend of ours, Stuey was having a party in Yass which wasn’t far from the vineyards so we stopped in to see Jason who was down there from Sydney as well. After returning from a lovely day we relaxed before a night on the town.

Ben took me out to Courgette, a delicious gourmet modern Australian restaurant in the city. After an incredible dinner (probably one of the best dining experiences we’ve had!) we headed back to King O’Malleys (so I was slightly into the pear cider!) where Sam (a friend of Ben’s from work) joined us for a dance, some good laughs and a great night!

The next morning we checked out the War Memorial. It was interesting to compare the ‘story’ told by the Australian museum to the ones I’ve seen in the US…it was quite the cultural educational experience! We then joined Tushar and Claire for lunch before a two hour bike ride around the city. I think we ended up leisurely biking over 30k. It was a great way to experience the city…but then again we all know how I feel about cycling! After a casual dinner I headed back to Sydney leaving Benj in his hotel room at the Realm.

This past weekend we spent in Jervis Bay, which is three hours down the coast, with team husky – Byron, Kasey, James and Millie. We rented a gorgeous house in Huskisson called Casa Cantamar and true to its name it was a Mexican style hacienda. We relaxed by the beach, went for a bush walk, drank lovely sangria and ate gourmet food. On the way back we leisurely made our way up the coast along the Grand Pacific Drive (and across the Sea Cliff Bridge) including stopping in a precious town called Berry. We had lunch by the beach with James and Mils and made it home for dinner with the family in Kirribilli.

This weekend we’re heading down to Melbourne for Charissa’s wedding! I’m really excited to not only see a great friend that moved a few months ago, but to spend time with Ben’s family from Melbourne and to do a little bit of shopping in the fabulous city 😉

Next weekend we’ll be celebrating Ben’s birthday. Friday night I’m taking him out for a surprise dinner. Saturday we’re going to V Fest to check out the Killers, Duffy, Snow Patrol, Kaiser Chiefs and a few other awesome bands. Sunday we’ll have yum cha at East Ocean which is our favourite followed by drinks at Gazebo with a bunch of friends. It’ll be a great weekend that’s for sure but we’ll update you after that!

Drop us a line when you get a chance…and get excited for June 6th…we’re heading back to Cali 😉

Lots of love, kisses, chocolate chip cookies and exercise highs to all of you!
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Jacqueline and Ben

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