Fun times in Tassie

Hi everyone, hope you’re all well! As always we’ve been busy and there is lots to tell you about!
Gosh, where to begin?? 😉

Almost a month ago now (just after the last post!) We headed down to Melbourne for the weekend because one of Jacqueline’s work friends, Charissa, was getting married. We flew down Friday night straight after work and stayed with the Fedeles (my cousins, aunt and uncle). It was a great fun weekend, and we did some shopping and had a fun night out in the city on Saturday which started with dumplings for dinner with some old friends of mine, as well as Pasquale and Wendy, and ended with some very enthusiastic karaoke!

Sunday morning I was a little tired but we got up and headed out to Charissa and Bob’s wedding in the Dandenong mountains. The sun came out and it was a beautiful service! Bob even sang a song for Charissa as she walked down the aisle.

The following weekend was my birthday, and it was a real celebration. Jackie surprised me with dinner on the Friday (day before my birthday) at a restaurant called Cafe Sydney which overlooks the harbour and the Opera House. We had a martini, a delicious bottle of wine and some very yummy food! Saturday we then went to a music festival called V Fest (organised by Virgin) with a few friends of ours. The festival ran all day in Centennial park and the sun was out so we really had a lot of fun. We saw Duffy, Kaiser Chiefs, Razorlight, Vanilla Ice (yes, he still exists!), and lots of other bands!

On the Sunday, we had yum cha with my family to celebrate my birthday with them, and then I invited all my friends to a cool wine bar near Kings Cross called Gazebo. We spent the afternoon there drinking rose and Sangria, and even playing some boules in the park. For my birthday Jackie bought me/us a kayaking/wine drinking/oyster eating day at the central coast, north of Sydney, which we did yesterday, so the celebrations have really carried on.

Last weekend, we went to Tasmania for the Easter long weekend since neither Jackie or I have ever been. We had some drama with our flights, and ended up having to fly via Melbourne, and spend Thursday night there so that we could get into Launceston nice and early on Friday. Getting into Tassie was an eye opener – all the ‘towns’ we drove through turned out to be clusters of about 3 houses and finding somewhere for breakfast was actually kind of hard, especially since it was good Friday. After finally finding some food, we headed straight to the Bay of Fires, which is a gorgeous area of the East coast where the rocks are red due to iron deposits. We explored for the day, and then spent the night in a town called St Helens at the youth hostel, where we ended up chatting with an Italian guy from Sydney called Marco who joined us for pizza and some beers in town.

The next morning we were lucky again with the weather and headed a little further South to Coles Bay where we started our hike in the national park. We first climbed up to the top of Mount Amos which was a combination of walking/climbing and scrambling over rocks, but was well worth it when we saw the beautiful view of wineglass bay (Check out the photos!!). We then climbed back down and grabbed our packs and hiked over to wineglass bay where we set up camp for the night. When we got there we were very hot and sweaty and decided to jump in to the beautiful, but quite chilly water to clean off. The bay really was stunning and secluded, and there were even wallabies hopping around the camp site.

For dinner we had brought along a feast (not really – but yummy anyway!) of canned tuna and beans, crackers, and a bottle of wine which we ate on the beach which was really nice and relaxing. We then had an early night after reading by torchlight in the tent! In the morning we woke up to another beautiful day and started the hike back to the car which took till around lunchtime. From there we decided to head straight to Launceston to check it out, but discovered that it really isn’t a big place, and there isn’t all that much to do, especially when everything is shut for Easter!

We did manage to go wine tasting in the Tamar valley, and go for a stroll up cataract gorge which is 10 minutes walk from Launceston. That night we managed to find somewhere that was open for dinner (Alchemy), and ended up having a delicious meal of grilled fish and some Tasmanian beer, before having an early night since neither of us managed to get too good a night’s rest in the tent the night before! 😉

The next day it was time to head back to Sydney, although our flights were delayed (again!!) and we didn’t get home until 11 at night which wasn’t ideal! All in all though it was a wonderful weekend.

Next weekend is Anzac day so we’re having people over for Champagne and Pancakes which will be fun. Jacqueline is even making her famous chocolate chip pancakes! Unfortunately though we now don’t have any holidays until June when we head to the US. We’re both really excited for it though!!

Hope to hear from you soon! Check out all our photos if you get a chance!

Ben and Jacqueline

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