Busy times: TK’s 18th, a visit from old friends and a new job!

I know you’ve probably only just finished ready Jacs’ post about our wonderful trip to Adelaide, but I want to take this opportunity to give you more of an update on what we’ve been up to.

A couple of weeks ago we had Nadia (an old friend of Jacks’) and her boyfriend Jay come and stay with us on their way to Auckland. We had a wonderful time ‘being tourists’ in Sydney, and hopefully we’ll get a chance to visit them in Auckland. We visited Blu Horizons, the cocktail bar at the top of the Shangri-La hotel with views over the city, and had dinner in the Rocks. We spent a few days at the beach – Bondi, Manly and Maroubra (which happens to be an iconic place for Jay who is an avid surfer) – and did some surfing in the sun, which kindly came out and shone down on us! Unfortunately however, I snapped my board, although it was a great opportunity to go shopping (Or is that me being optimistic – my new board is very cool!). One of the highlights of the visit was our big day out on Saturday. We met Millie and James (other friends of ours) in the park outside our apartment in Milsons Point at lunchtime and had some champagne while we waited for a table at Ripples, which is a great cafe on the water! The 6 of us spent a few hours there, before heading across to the cross for some drinks at the Gazebo Wine Garden, and dinner at Tomatillo. We all had heaps of fun together, and had a great day and night!!

On September 26th, TK turned 18, and had a big party at Mum and Dad’s house. It was Rubiks Cube themed – everyone comes in multi coloured clothes and is meant to end up in 1 colour by the end of the night. We had a great night looking absolutely ridiculous, and mum did a beautiful ceremony!

The other very exciting piece of news from us (well Jacks really), is that Jacks started her new job today at CSC, which is a global consulting, systems integration and outsourcing company where she will be Corporate Affairs Executive! Very impressive 😉 She will be responsible for government relations, analyst relations and media relations for CSC Australia.

In between Howorth and CSC, Jacks had last week off and spent a few days of it relaxing and getting healthy in the Hunter Valley. She headed up to the Golden Door Spa with Lucie, a friend of hers, abandoning me to look after myself 🙁 It sounds like she had an amazing time though – meditating, hiking, exercising, relaxing and eating delicious but very healthy food. She even brought me back the cook book so I can try some of it at home!

Well I think that about covers our news (for a little while at least). I’m sure we’ll write again soon.

Check out all the photos!
Look forward to hearing from all of you

Ben and Jacks

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