A quick trip home

I’ve just spent nearly a week in California hanging out with friends, spending time with family, hitting the beach in Coronado and celebrating Andrew and Lisa’s marriage!

It was a whirlwind tour lasting just six days. I arrived Thursday night and went straight to dinner with the family. Sami flew down to San Diego from San Fran and drove up with Jess on Thursday to spend two nights in Pasadena for a mini college reunion we’d organised. Jess, Ash and Sami came over and we chatted around the dining room table for hours like we did in college. The next day we hit the mall for some initially unsuccessful shopping followed by a big blow out at Nordstrom Rack! It was awesome!!! Friday night Kim, Ash, Jess, Sami and I pre-gamed at ours before heading down to Old Town to meet up with Jackie and Scott, Nadj and Jay, Jen, Cassie, Illeana, Jackie Crea and a number of other old friends from high school. It was a great night out.

The next morning Allee and I drove down to Coronado to meet up with the fam who had headed down Friday morning. Mom and Dad rented this gorgeous house that somehow managed to fit all the Fishers, the Steigerwalds (family friends from Michigan who came out for the wedding as well) and a couple of the Plumbs who had too much fun hanging out with the troops at night to head back to their place. Anyway, we spent Saturday in the sun before heading to the wedding at 4PM.

The wedding was beautiful and it was such a treat to see Andrew, who I hadn’t seen in about 4 years, and meet his lovely bride Lisa. After a night on the d floor with Caitlin and her talented dancing fiance Dan, Brenna and Dutch, Mom and Dad and Beth and Scott we headed back to the house to continue the party!

Sunday we spent at the beach soaking up the sun and then headed out for a long bike ride around the island. Mom invited everyone (35 people in total, family and friends) to ours for a BBQ. The next day we took the ferry to San Diego for lunch since the sun was in hiding. That night we had the family over again (and by family I’m referring to my Aunt Tina, cousin Tal, Aunt Vickie, Aunt Tally, Uncle Joe, Cousin Jay, Nicole and Caroline, The Girouxs, The Steigerwalds and all the Fishers!!)

Tuesday was our last full day so Mom, Allee, Vikkee and I went shopping in the city 😉 and then Dad took us all out to dinner at Peohes – a divine seafood restaurant on the water overlooking the bay and the city of San Diego. Wednesday was my last day so after a long walk on the beach with Dad and breakfast with the family, Vikkee and I hit the road and drove up to LA so we’d miss the traffic heading to LAX for my flight. Bub and Vik dropped me at the airport after dinner and a sad goodbye. It was an amazing week at home and definitely necessary given that I won’t be home again until April. It was great to catch up with friends and to see family in Coronado that I haven’t seen in ages. Thanks again Mom and Dad – our time in Coronado was very special.

Ben picked me up from the airport bright and early (6:15AM!) I dropped him at work and headed straight home to work! Friday night we had yet another wedding to attend…Shaun and Liz’s! Shaun is a good friend of Ben’s from work. The ceremony and reception were held at Gunners Barracks – a gorgeous venue that overlooks the harbour to the city. Shaun and Liz were married and then also had a Korean, Malaysian and Chinese ceremony. We danced the night away and I managed to stay awake until about 11PM when Siena kindly picked us up!

We’ve got just under two weeks until we leave for Greece and Turkey where we are meeting up with Sarah and Jason. We can’t wait and will be sure to update you after our adventure!

Lots of love,
Jacs and Ben

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  1. what a whirlwind trip home. can’t believe how much you packed in and people you saw. wish i coudlve been there for all the parties. shame i won’t be seeing you in greece-mykonos is the new ibiza so enjoy. and watch out for them turks!xxx

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