Five Fabulous Years (and the Great Ocean Road!)

The weekend after our helicopter flight it was our 5 year anniversary. Ian and Siena made it an awesome weekend for us. We went out on the harbour (a friend of Ian’s let us borrow his boat) for the day with TK, Siena and Ian, before getting dropped off in the city for a beautiful night at the Park Hyatt in the Rocks – Thanks to points from Ian. It really was an awesome and beautiful way to celebrate. Thanks so much to Ian and Siena for making it possible!

Last weekend we went down to Melbourne with Rory and Nat to check out the Great Ocean Road and catch up with the Fedeles. We also went into their shop to discuss wedding ring options! Friday night we had a lovely dinner with the family with lots of wine (and even some vintage port!) followed by a night on the town with Wendy, Pasquale and Pascale (Pasquale’s girlfriend) The next morning was a little rough but we managed to make it out for an incredible brunch. We then met up with Rory and Nat in the city, had the richest Belgium hot chocolate in the world (yes…we have tried every single one 😉 ) and then jumped in the car eager to start our road trip! We arrived in Port Campbell in the early evening and went for a lovely stroll along the coast before a delicious pizza and pasta dinner in town. We also hit up the local pub where we totally rocked the karaoke.

Roralie Fishcanan – our band name – sang Sweet Caroline, New York New York, and a killer rendition of I Love Rock and Roll (just us girls!) to name a few. The next morning we were up bright and early for a run before piling into the car to hit the road. Our first stop was the Arch and London Bridge. We then headed to the extraordinary 12 Apostles, Apollo Bay, Lorne and Bells Beach. In short, the coast is truly breathtaking…check out the photos they can say a lot more than I can! When we got back to Melbourne we went out to a delicious Japanese restaurant with the Fedeles. It was great to see them one last time before our flight. Just want to say thanks to them one more time for the hospitality and the good times! Can’t wait to come down to Melbourne again soon!

In other exciting news, Ben has a business trip to Shanghai at the end of November, so I’m tagging along (Thanks for the frequent flyer points Siena 🙂 ). We get a long weekend to explore the city which should be awesome. Neither of us have been to China before!

This Saturday Rory is having the annual Walter St Halloween Party (a tradition I started when we lived there). We’re going as grown up Pebbles and Bamm Bamm from the Flintstones so it should be great fun!

Happy Halloween!

– Jacs and Ben

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  1. Sounds like such beautiful time. Wish I would have been able to hear you sing I bet you were awesome. Your band can do it at the wedding for sure. Miss and love you guys. Have an awesome time in China. Much Love

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