Happy Australia Day!

It’s Wednesday and we’ve been at the beach all day – what’s not to love about Australia Day! Last night we headed over to Bondi with Rory and Nat, and had a night out there before doing the Havaiana Challenge. Basically we all had giant thongs and set a world record for the most people in a floating chain. Kind of a fun way to spend the morning at the beach! Edit: It has now been confirmed that we beat all the other beaches doing the thong challenge and set a world record of 2068 floating thongs! Yippee!

On January 13 it was Jacs’ birthday and we celebrated in style. On the day, we went to dinner at Quay (thanks Nix, Ry and Chris!) which is one of the nicest restaurants in Sydney and looks out at the Opera House and the Harbour. It was delicious! The following night we had a delicious dinner with mum at the Manly Pavilion which also looks out over the harbour, so we really felt like we were taking advantage of the summer. The following night we decided to stop being so classy 😉 We started the night with a pizza dinner at a cool new pizza place in Crows Nest called Blackstone. After dinner (and quite a few bottles of wine), we went across the road to the Crowie, where there was live music and more drinking! It was great fun – we danced and sang right up the front and I’m sure the band thought we were mad!

Hope all of you are well!
Ben and Jacs

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