Our first few weeks in LA

Hi there everyone! Jacs and I have had a busy few weeks settling in to life in California, although we’re also missing everyone in Sydney. Since arriving, we have been pretty busy with finalising everything for the wedding (including helping out in the yard), but we are also managing to find a bit of time to relax.

We’ve been spending a fair bit of time hanging around at the house with the Fishers and Vikkee’s boyfriend Kev and Bubba’s girlfriend Christy, going to old town Pasadena, as well as getting a bit of sunshine both by the pool at the country club and at the beach – I’ve been surfing at Manhattan beach, Huntington beach, and even Mission beach in San Diego. On top of that, there have been LOTS of other things happening to fill our days like all of the minor details of the wedding. Jacs and I have even done a short trek up to Henninger Flats in nearby Eaton Canyon.

A few days before Jacs arrived, my school in Singapore, UWC, had a reunion in Hollywood which I went to and had a great time catching up with some old friends from Singapore, before heading out to ‘the Counter‘ (a burger place) which made me feel like a local since there is now one by our apartment in Sydney! We’ve also caught up with another friend from Singapore, Alison, at Bubba’s favourite whisky bar in Downtown LA called Seven Grand

As Jacs mentioned in her last post, me, Al and Jacs have been to a Dodger game where I had fun trying to learn the rules, but mostly just enjoying eating dodger dogs, garlic fries and drinking a few beers. 🙂 (well for the non drivers! That’s another thing we are getting used to – no public transport!)

On April 16, our good friends Dan and Caitlin got married (congrats again Mr and Mrs Johnstone), so we went to there wedding and reception in Downtown which was a really fun night and we had a great time. We will post some photos soon.

We’ve also been catching up with lots Jacs’ other friends here, (see the photos above of me, Kev (Vik’s boyfriend), Jacs and Vik at Ashley’s 90’s party!) and have even had visits from a few friends from Sydney. Alec was over here for Coachella (Jacs and I are hoping to go next year!), and came to stay with us for a night afterwards. Adrian also came to stay for a night for Easter on his way to Central America. Easter at the Fisher House was great fun – we started the day dyeing eggs, and then played some bocce in the garden over a few cocktails before sitting down to a massive and delicious feast!

Last week, Jacs and I headed up to Berkeley for 5 days over the weekend to stay with her grand parents there, and to check out the Berkeley Haas campus where I’ll be for the next 2 years. They had organised a ‘Days at Haas’ orientation program which was jam packed and a great time. When we went to sign in, we found that I had apparently jumped the gun – Jacs’ name was ‘Jacqueline Buchanan’ which everyone there thought was funny and gave me a hard time all weekend!

Mixed in with a few serious events (meeting the faculty, attending a class etc) were heaps of fun events. We had dinner at a student’s house the first night before heading out to the ‘bar of the week’. On the second day Jacs had a tour of town to get a sense of where we could live, and we then took part in an ‘amazing race’ around campus. Our team won thanks to Jacs’ very enthusiastic push for us to run while the other teams walked! 🙂 After the race, we had a dinner followed by a ‘consumption function’ drinks in the courtyard of the business school, followed by a party at a student’s ‘mansion’ up in the hills. It didn’t end there, and the following day we headed out on a wine tasting tour of Napa with all of the people that will be in my year. All around, we had a great time and loved meeting the current and future students – we’re both excited to get up there!

As always, check out the other photos in our gallery, and let us know how you’re going.

Can’t wait to see you all soon
Ben and Jacs

5 thoughts on “Our first few weeks in LA

  1. Cant wait to see you guys! We’ll be in LA tuesday, so will give you a buzz. xxx

  2. So looking forward to seeing you both – and respective families soon! love xx

  3. Great photos! – hope plans are going well. Looking forward to seeing you and everyone inPasadena. xxx

  4. as ever you guys really get around-delighted to see there is (some) relaxation going on too:-) see you in 9dyas! love Mum/SienaDune

  5. Wow! You guys have seen everything already!
    I’m really looking forward to seeing you in Berkeley and spending some time.
    Beautiful parks. Delicious restaurants.
    See you soon.

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