Support me in a great cause – No Shave November

Hi there everyone!
November is well and truly upon us. For those of you in Australia, you’re probably noticing all the strange moustaches being worn around town for Movember – well here we do something in a similar style, but slightly different. It’s No-Shave November!

I have thrown out my razor for the month of November to raise money forChallenge For Charity to support the Special Olympics and the Alameda Point Collaborative (a local charity providing housing and training to homeless families). Nine west coast business schools participate in the Challenge For Charity program.

It is a great cause and I would really appreciate your help and support – every little bit helps! My face it itchy and scruffy, but I’m dealing with it because it’s all for charity! 🙂

At the end of the month, someone (through an auction on campus which your donation will go towards) will get to shave some funny pattern into my face and I’ll have to wear it around proudly! I promise to post pre and post pictures of the current beard and the resulting absurdity for your enjoyment!

All that you need to do to donate is click on the ‘Give’ button above, or send cash or a check payable to “Challenge 4 Charity” by the end of the month. These donations are tax deductible and I can provide the necessary paperwork. I’m also happy to take donations in person if you’d prefer for those of you that I’ll see in the next few weeks (I’m thinking Thanksgiving 😉 ).

I really appreciate the support for this great cause!


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