Happy Australia Day and Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Ok, We know its a few days after Australia Day, but we still wanted to say Happy Australia Day to everyone. We had a great fun party at our apartment here on Saturday, with Coopers beer, Jacobs Creek Wine, home made sausage rolls, lamb on the grill … and of course Triple J’s hottest 100 on the radio (I recorded it ;-))

Since New Year’s, we’ve had TK come and visit for the day (not all the way from Sydney – he was with Charlie and her family in Mammoth and LA) so we showed him around town. Mum and Dad also came to visit for a week which was great fun. Jacs’ was working, so on week days we went to Palo Alto to see Susie, and Half Moon Bay for lunch, we explored Berkeley and the city and did some relaxing in front of the TV too – we got through a lot of episodes of Southland! On the weekend however, we all headed up to Sonoma to meet John and Shirley and spend the weekend up there.

The town of Sonoma was beautiful, and we stayed in a cute little hotel with an outdoor hot tub πŸ™‚ John and Shirley acted as our tour guides, taking us to see their land in Bodega Bay (which was beautiful), to wine taste at Chateau St Jean, for lunch at Nick’s Cove, and out to dinner in town.

We also went to their friend’s house just outside Sonoma for some drinks which was great fun! On the way home from Sonoma, we decided to swing by Lagunitas Brewery (they make yummy beer) for a ’round the world’ tasting – the 4 of us sampled 20 beers! It was sad to see mum and dad go, but we’ll be seeing them in just a few weeks in Sydney πŸ™‚

My semester is off to a flying start, so I’ve been quite busy (but enjoying it), and Jacs has been very busy with work too. One of my classes, Interntional Business Development, involves a consulting project for an actual client. My project is in South Africa, so I’ll be spending 3 weeks in May there which is pretty cool! I’m also in the process of interviewing for summer internships which takes up a lot of time. I’ll let you know when I know where I’ll be going! On top of all of our usual socializing at bar of the week and bear’s lair, the past few weeks have been busy on that front too – on Friday there was a Chinese New Year ‘Consumption Function’ (party) at campus with a lion dance and kung fu demonstration to welcome the year of the dragon, and on Sunday we went to a Cal-Stanford Basketball game, which we won to stay at the top of the league!

February is going to be a crazy but fun month too – next weekend Jacs is going to LA, and I’ll be in Vegas competing in a rugby 7’s tournament. The following weekend we head to Sydney for a whirlwind trip for Clarky and Kate’s wedding, and the weekend after that I’ll be in Austin for a soccer tournament! No rest for the wicked!! We need some free weekend’s soon though to have a chance for some more snowboarding in Tahoe. I’m sure you’ll be hearing from us with lots of updates in coming weeks.

Ben and Jacs

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  1. As always your life sounds so wonderful!!! I love you guys Have a great time in Vegas and in Sydney give your family big his and smooches from us.

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