Thanks for your support in the SurfAid Cup!

Last Friday was the SurfAid Cup, so I just wanted to post a quick update on how it went.

Thanks so much to all of you who donated for your generous support (in particular, mum, dad and the Fedeles :-)). The event as a whole raised $140k, and we (team BCG) came in 4th in the fundraising with a very impressive $12,196 – that is going to make a huge contribution to the wellbeing of communities in the Mentawais and other parts of Indonesia.

The Team

The Cup took place on a sunny day at South Curl Curl. With the huge donation effort, we were able to secure 2 x World Surfing Champ Tom Carroll for our team. It was awesome to be able to surf with him. Despite, our best efforts however, we were knocked out in the heats despite some good rides. It wasn’t over there however, as we went in to the runners up ‘Fitness Challenge’, a relay with one wave per surfer. A valiant effort saw us through to the finals, however that was where the journey came to an end.

Ben Surfing

In the end, it was all about having fun and raising money for a great cause, so thanks so much for making it happen.

Check out more pictures and information from the day at the SurfAid Blog or watch the video here.

— Ben

Enjoying some beach time!

Another month has flown by and little Leo is now 9 months old! It is amazing how fast she is growing up, and is now standing up, and just starting to balance for a few seconds when she lets go of whatever she is holding. She also crawls super fast (she’s a handful!) and is loving spending lots of time at the beach with her mum as it warms up here. We had a lovely morning down at Balmoral today :-)

Leo at Balmoral

Jacs is still loving motherhood, and is now also teaching 3 yoga classes a week as well which is going great. She teaches a corporate class at BCG on Friday’s as well as a class at Just Balance in Lindfield, and a kids class for 5 year olds at Burns Bay Cottage.

I’m still working down in Canberra Monday to Thursday, so away from home a lot. We’re making the most of the weekends though, and have been having great time as a family, catching up with friends, and getting in some surfing. My SurfAid Cup charity competition is next Friday, so I’ll post again soon to let you know how it goes!

A couple of weeks ago it was our great friends Rory and Nat’s wedding – here are some photos from it.

The wedding was beautiful, and we were so glad to see the two of them so happy. They got married a few hours drive south of Sydney in a cute little town called Berry. It was a long weekend so we had 3 nights down there with all of our friends which was great. We rented a house with Sarah, Jason & Molly, and Kylie, Matt & Sami, so it was quite the house with 3 babies!

On the Saturday morning, we got out for a surf, and then Jacs went off to get ready with the other bridesmaids, and I joined Rory and the Groomsmen for the day, although we had a relaxing time since we seem to be able to get ready a little faster than the girls. The wedding venue was a gorgeous spot called Jaspers, and since we were both in the wedding party we had a room there for the night after the wedding. It worked really well since Mum and Dad came down to look after Leo during the wedding, and they then had our room at our house in Berry.

The ceremony was gorgeous, and the reception was heaps of fun. I even had to give a speech :-) The next morning, we headed off for another surf with everyone, and then had a BBQ that afternoon and another fun night before heading back to Sydney the next day. Having the extra night with everyone was such a treat!

Hope that you’re all well. I’ll post again soon about SurfAid.
Below are lots of photos of Leo from the past little while.

Ben and Jacs

Settled back in to life in Sydney

Where does time go! Last time we posted we were having an amazing summer in the US, and now (as summer passes and winter approaches in the US), we’re back in Sydney gearing up for the summer – Endless Summer isn’t a bad way to live. I’ll try to keep this brief and share some photos since so much has happened!

Out last few weeks in Chicago were great. Keiren and Will, Robbie (a friend from Berkeley who is living in New York) and Em and James (our close friend’s from Sydney) all came to visit so the party continued! It was a great time and we were sad to leave as my project came to an end and it was time to leave Chicago.

Robbie and Leo

Keiren, Will and James

Jacs packed up and left Chicago a week before me to spend some time with her fam in LA, and then I arrived on a Thursday night so had a long weekend there with all of the Fishers before we headed back to Sydney. It was lovely to get to hang out with everyone again, and we were sad to leave, but loved having the opportunity to spend the summer in LA. It was one final weekend of hanging at the beach, and even going to the Dodgers with another good friend from Berkeley, Aaron, who had great tickets and kindly took us along for what turned out to be Star Wars night at the Dodgers. We also went to check out one of Lou’s bike’s on show at a Bike Museum – Leo was proud to be there with her Grumpa!

Grumpa, Nonna and Leo


Bike Show

Leo Planking

It has been a whirlwind since getting back to Sydney catching up with friends (we had a great BBQ last weekend), seeing family (Mum and Dad are now back from Bali and we’re back in our apartment 5 minutes walk away), and settling back in to Sydney (we’re loving being back in our apartment, and had a lovely evening tonight BBQing with our neighbours). I’ve also been enjoying being near the beach and getting in some surfing… especially since I’ve entered a surf contest at the end of October.

Leo by the Pool

The day after getting back to Sydney, I went down to Canberra for the day with work, but then got to have Friday off to unpack, before heading off again for a boys weekend at the snow for my good friend Rory’s bucks party – it was awesome fun, but I was exhausted when I headed down to Canberra the next monday to start work properly… unfortunately that is where I’ll be working the next few months instead of being in Sydney.

Rory Bucks

The following weekend we were out of Sydney again – this time for my cousin Pasq and Paski’s wedding in Melbourne. It was wonderful to be back in Australia so we could attend. It was a gorgeous wedding, and so great to see all of the Fedele’s. My cousin Andy and his wife Josie (who lived in our apartment while we were away after moving from the UK) were also there, and Andy got some amazing photos.

TK and Leo wedding

Ben Jacs Leo Wedding

Leo and Jacs at the Wedding

Jacs and Leo ready for the wedding

The following weekend (last weekend) was out first weekend actually in Sydney. We had a BBQ and enjoyed being back in town. Thursday night, I flew back early from Canberra and was very happy to be able to make it to Jacs’ citizenship ceremony. That’s right! She is now officially a True Blue Aussie and proudly sang Advance Australia Fair. After the ceremony we headed out for a meat pie and a beer to celebrate :-)


In other big news, Jacs is back at work teaching yoga on Thursdays and Fridays. On Thursdays she is teaching five years olds – focusing on mindfulness, meditation and a bit of asana too. On Fridays she is teaching corporate yoga at lunch time. She’s really enjoying it!

Yesterday, for the first time since Leo was born, Jacs left me in charge of her while she went out to her friend Nat’s hens night. You’ll be pleased to know that Leo and I survived and Jacs had an amazing night out!

This morning, the adventures continued with some indoor skydiving in Penrith (thanks Sarah, Jase, Molly, Kylie, Matt and Sami) – it was great fun! Leo then went for a stroll with her Oma and Grandpa, before we all had lunch together. That all brings us to this evening – After our evening BBQ with the neighbours, we’re now relaxed in front of the TV enjoying some family time before I head back to Canberra in the morning.

Indoor Skydive

Lots of love to you all.
Ben and Jacs

SurfAid Cup – Show your support!

Friends and Family,
Three friends/colleagues and I have entered a team in the SurfAid Cup in Manly on October 31st. The Cup is a fundraising event to raise funds for SurfAid, a non-profit humanitarian organisatin. As a team, we have committed to raising $5,000 for this great cause, and I’d appreciate your support to reach that goal. The event is a surfing

If you’d like to donate, please click here! Any donation is much appreciated!

SurfAid’s core mission is to save the lives of women and children in remote areas of Indonesia – areas connected to us by surfing. They specialise in working in very isolated villages where the maternal and child mortality rate is extremely high.

SurfAid was started by a group of concerned surfers in 2000 who were struck by the needless suffering and preventable death in the Mentawai Islands. Today they are proud that more than 95 per cent of program staff are Indonesian nationals who work hand-in-hand with the communities of Western Sumatra, Sumbawa and Sumba, to bring about positive, sustainable health change while respecting the unique culture and customs of these islands communities.


SurfAid Surfer

West Coast adventures

Since our last post, Jacs and Leo have been having a lovely time hanging out with the Fishers in LA, and I’ve been flying out for the weekends on the west coast. We’ve had some busy weekends, and it has been great fun, but it is lovely to have them both back in Chicago as of yesterday. It is crazy, but we only have 3-4 more weeks in the US, and Jacs and Leo will be heading back to LA in 2 weeks for the remainder of our stay. This weekend, Vik and Mike came to visit, and then next weekend, Keiren and Will as well as a friend from Berkeley, Robbie, and our friends Em and James from Sydney will all be in town so we’ll be having fun in Chicago!

The past month in Chicago hasn’t all been work for me either – I’ve been catching up with my friend Limo, as well as a South African guy from our building, so I’ve at least been able to go out for an after work beer! But let’s be honest, I was really missing my ladies.

This weekend with Vik and Mike has been awesome fun – we really packed a lot in and were sad to see them go just a couple of hours ago. They arrived early Friday morning – I was at work but everyone came and met me for lunch, and then they all went on a river cruise which they really enjoyed. I managed to get out a little early since I went in at 7.30, so we headed over to West Randolph Street to a delicious restaurant called the Publican where we overate lots of delicious meat and drank some yummy beers before walking home (via a stop for donuts at Firecakes!) to have beers in our outdoor area at home and relax which was fun.

Ben, Jacs, Vik and Leo

We then got up yesterday and headed out to Wicker Park which is a fun hipster area with some cool shops. We started with some brunch cocktails, there, then headed up to Lakeview for my favourite Soft Shell Crab Po Boy at Big and Little’s, then wondered over to the Wrigleyville SummerFest for a couple more drinks and some live music. The plan for a quick explore before heading home to relax seemed to evaporate as we decided to stroll a little further up the road to see Wrigley Field, and ended up pub crawling through Wrigleyville which was great fun! We then managed to swing by home for a quick change before heading back out for a delicious dinner of Ramen at Slurping Turtle on Hubbard St, and you guessed it, more beer and sake! What a day!!

Big Mike and Little Leo at Big and Little's

Big Mike and Little Leo at Big and Little’s

This morning, we were all exhausted, but Jacs convinced us we needed more donuts, so off we went to Do-Rite Donuts (her favourite)… the fresh air actually cleared my head and we were ready for a few more hours of fun before Vik and Mike needed to leave. The pace of the weekend continued with our next stop being beer, Chicago hot dogs and Italian Beef sandwiches at the famous Portillo’s restaurant, followed by some shopping on Michigan Ave, Cocktails at the top of John Hancock Tower at the Signature Lounge, and finally some delicious cheese, prosciutto and wine at Eataly which is a cool Italian market. What a weekend!!

Donut Leo

Anyway, the rest of the fun has been out in California so here is what our weekends have been like:

4th of July in Coronado

The Fishers have family down in Coronado (the Leonards and Cristillis) and have spent many a 4th down on the island soaking up the sun and partaking in all the 4th festivities. Bubba’s wife, Christy, is also from Coronado so there are a lot of people to catch up with while we’re down there. I flew in on Thursday night while the crew was at the mojito party. I arrived late that night, so went directly to the Cristilli’s where Jacs and Leo stayed. The next morning we were up for the 4th of July Parade joining Jay and Nichole and their kiddos Roman and Caroline on Orange Ave for mimosas and breakfast burritos. We then hit the beach with the whole gang, bodysurfed the waves and emerged covered in kelp. Gotta get used to that if we’re going to live in California! Jacs’ cousin Tally joined us too and we all went for margaritas and tacos at Miguel’s. That night we had a BBQ at the Cristilli’s and all watched the fireworks at the Plumb Compound. It was such a fantastic weekend – we walked the island and enjoyed the great family time at the beach.

Leo at the Beach

Ben and Leo July 4

LA and Malibu

The next Thursday I flew back out to the West Coast but this time we hung around LA. We joined Brenna and Dutch at Caitlin and Dan’s for a dinner party on the Friday night. Dan even smoked a few chickens which was right up my alley. After a delicious dinner and few too many drinks (for me!) we headed back home to get a bit of rest before our big day in Malibu. A bunch of Haasies rented a huge mansion in Malibu for a bit of a mini reunion so we decided to spend Saturday with them at the beach. The house was huge but what was more amazing was how many people our friends crammed in there! I’ve never seen so many people staying under one roof. It was great catching up with friends and spending the day at the beach. I brought one of Bubba’s surf boards with me but unfortunately the waves were pretty small so it was more of a paddle out than a surf…but at least I got out there. That night the Fisher’s were going to the Dodger game so on the way home from Malibu, Jacs and I stopped for a date night dinner in Old Town. Leo slept the whole dinner which was fabulous. Thanks Leo! When the Fisher’s returned home we all had a glass or five of wine outside on the porch. Their cousins, Rick and Noah, were in town for the game so we all caught up into the wee hours of the night. The next morning Bonnie made breakfast for us all, we went to the country club to watch the World Cup Final and then I had to unfortunately head to the airport!

Relaxing at the Surfrider Beach in Malibu with our Berkeley Friends

Relaxing at the Surfrider Beach in Malibu with our Berkeley Friends

SB Weekend

the week came and went, and I was again on a flight heading to LA for the weekend. Jacs picked me up and we went straight to Peter’s for dinner (the Fishers’ favourite Mexican joint). Matt Henderson was in town so we wanted to be sure we’d be there. It was a great dinner. The following night we decided to spend at the Fisher’s for dinner at home and a few drinks on the patio outside. It is such a lovely place to dine in the summer. Bubba brought some delicious IPA’s over for me to try and we drank quite a few of those :-) The next morning Jacs, Leo and I jumped in the car and drove up to Santa Barbara for the night. Nadia and Jay were heading up there for the night so we thought we’d join them and we could catch up with my buddy Rakesh. We walked along State Street, hit the beach for a few hours, and popped into a few of the wineries along the urban wine trail. We had a delicious Indian dinner with Rakesh and his buddy. We decided to leave relatively early the next morning, but couldn’t leave the area without a trip to the Bagel Cafe. We wondered around IV with Nadia and Jay and showed Leo where mummy and daddy met! Leo slept the whole time in the car, both ways which we were pleased about. After lunch at the Fishers and a bit of down time (shock horror!) Jacs took me to the airport.

Back where it all began with Leonora at the Bagel Cafe

Back where it all began with Leonora at the Bagel Cafe

SF Weekend

Last but not least, my final West Coast weekend we spent in SF for Sami and Alex’s wedding. Jacs, Bon and Leo drove up early to spend the night with Grandpa Lou and Grandma Gita. The next night I flew in and we caught up with some friend’s from business school in SF. We stayed with Leo’s storm parents Chris and Jordan. It was such a quick visit (only a few hours!) but good to see everyone nonetheless. Jacs and Bon picked me up from work and we drove down to Los Gatos for all the wedding festivities. Bon watched Leo for the rehearsal and wedding which was fantastic. The rehearsal dinner at Nick’s Next Door was delicious – lots of drinks, perfectly cooked steak, and mouthwatering ribs! Jacs was a bridesmaid in the wedding so the next day was busy beautifying with the ladies so Bon and I were on Leo duty (except for feedings!). We decided to go to Testarossa Winery since we were in the area. We bought a bottle of wine or two and headed back to the hotel so Mike and I could get ready to meet the girls at the wedding. It was such a fun wedding and a great excuse to catch up with all Jacs’ roommates from college. She was definitely in her element. The girls looked gorgeous, and Sami and Alex couldn’t have been happier. It was so special to be part of it all.

Sami and Alex Wedding

That about covers the past month I think!
Ben and Jacs

Chicago, Detroit and Philadelphia. Leonora’s tour de Amérique continues

Our time in Chicago is flying by! We are having a blast and enjoying the summer weather, long walks through the city streets or along Lake Michigan, sunny street festivals and art fairs, yummy dinners at cool new restaurants and lots of family time.

I’ve made some lovely friends through Mommy and Me classes so have been spending my time exploring the city with them and working out lots. I also started a new ‘mommy blog’ about transitioning to life as a new mommy. I’ll also feature some yoga on it as well. Check it out here: ( and follow me on instagram @jbuch113 :-)


Vikkee drove up from Detroit one weekend to see us and the following weekend we drove down to visit her. Vikkee and Mike have a great apartment in an area called Royal Oak – right on the main drag so in the action. It really reminded us of our St. Leonard’s place as it is walking distance to all the bars and restaurants in the area and right by the train. We arrived late on the Friday night and partook in their tradition of a Friday night scotch on their balcony watching all the world go by down below at all the bars. It was good fun.

The next morning Vikkee and I hit the pavement for a long run while the men watched Leo…was quite the site leaving Mike and Ben with Leo and the fuchsia pink diaper bag! We all had brunch together and then hopped in the car to tour Detroit. We cruised around downtown, checked out Gross Pointe and then went to the big flea/farmers market. It was so crowed we decided to make moves and grab lunch at American for Coney Island Dogs – not to be confused with Lafayette! :-) We cruised back to the apartment for some much needed relaxation before taking Leo (and Ben and I!) for our first Tigers game at Comerica Park. Mike even got us all Tigers baseball caps to sport as welcome pressies. It was probably one of the most fun games we’ve been to with lots of hits and runs….I guess the company was pretty good too :-)

Sunday morning we ventured into Birmingham for lattes and brunch, checked out Mike’s school Cranbrook which was gorgeous and spent a bit of time with his Mom Kathie. It was a relaxed day before making our way back to Chicago that afternoon. Luckily for us, Leo slept most of the way home (rather than crying like she did on the way to Detroit!). Vikkee and Mike will pop over to Chicago again in August so we see them once more before we head back to Sydney. We’re looking forward to it.

Philly – city of brotherly love and murals and the Colliers

We spent last weekend with the Colliers in Philadelphia. The Browns also came to town so it was an excellent mini reunion for some of our old biz school crew. We arrived late on Thursday night and stayed until late Sunday night. Friday Ben, Andrew and Amanda all worked from home while I took Leo sightseeing in Philly (and picked up delicious cheeses and cured meats from Reading Terminal for our dinner that night!). We actually discovered a cheese called Queso Leonora which was seriously one of the most delicious cheeses we’ve ever tasted. It is a goat based cheese done in a Brie style. Fan-freaking-tas-tic. The Browns arrived that afternoon as CB and Andrew were participating in the Philly Triathlon on Saturday morning. That night we started with cocktail hour on the Collier’s deck – they have this HUGE apartment in the Northern Liberties with a great outdoor space on their third level…yep…third level…followed by dinner at home with all of us and Andrew’s brother and his wife.

Ben and Andrew Working from Home

Ben and Andrew Working from Home

Saturday morning was the race where Andrew had the edge over CB in the swim which led to victory by the narrowest of margins! We all then walked over to pick up fried chicken and donuts…the perfect way to celebrate completing a triathlon…even for those of us who didn’t race! Once thing we noticed on this trip is there is no shortage of bad-for-you-but-oh-so-good food in Philadelphia. After a ridiculous amount of grease, we decided to wash it all down with some beers and a bit of a pub crawl through their neighborhood. For dinner we grabbed a quintessential Philly treat – the cheesesteak. The boys went out after dinner while we headed back to hit the hay. Someone has to be responsible with the little lady around :-)

Beers at the local German Biergarten

Beers at the local German Biergarten

Sunday morning we walked into Old Town for brunch at High Street – another fantastic stop on our food tour of Philly. We meandered back via a Morgan’s Pier where we stopped for farewell beers before JT had to catch her flight back to SF. We watched the US World Cup game, had dinner and headed to the airport for our late night flight back to Chicago.

All the blondes :-)

All the blondes :-)

It was such a fun weekend and so awesome to be together again – it’s as if no time passes between us and we all just pick up where we started…the boys egging each other on…us girls polishing off bottles of wine and covering every topic under the sun until the wee hours of the morning (well some more than others..darn breastfeeding! ;-). It was fun to see where Andrew and Amanda live and introduce Leo to her storm parents CB and JTB! It was sad to leave everyone…something about being together again makes you miss the people you’re apart from even more…overall an awesome weekend with some of our favorite people.


Yesterday Leonora and I flew out to LA where we will be for the month of July. Ben will commute Thursday to Sunday here and have the weeks at work in Chicago. It was hard to leave him as we’ve been having such great family time together. This weekend we’re heading down to Coronado for the Fourth of July! We’re looking forward to seeing all of our family and friends down there. We’ll be sure to write again soon!

Jacs, Ben and Leo